Our Ambassador Program

Are you BuiltForBattle?

The BuiltForBattle movement is defined by the strength of our community. 

We are not on this journey alone. By sharing our stories of redemption, hope and encouragement we are able to open our hearts to others. Members of the BuiltForBattle community set high expectations for themselves and earn their results by embracing hard work, discipline, risk, and failure. At BuiltForBattle, we design lives that we are proud of — lives that our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues see as examples of what life can be — and inspire others to do the same on the BattleField of life.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to join us as an Ambassador. We’d like to help you tell the world how your life has been transformed.


BuiltForBattle is a community of warriors, overcomers and BattleScared individuals. Our mission is to empower anyone at any age or stage in their journey with the information and tools needed for battle. We look for individuals with loyal, engaged followings in their community and on social media. We build exclusive, long-lasting relationships with our Ambassadors, so we do not prefer social media influencers that represent more than two major brands. 

We are looking for influencers, writers, bloggers, speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, athletes, sales experts, communicators, authors, health fanatics, and anyone who has a story to tell - We Want You! We pledge to work hard for you and in return, expect you to do the same for us. The more you put into it, the more you will benefit from it. This includes opportunities to collaborate with the BuiltForBattle leadership team on new projects such as; apparel, accessories, weekly newsletter, BattleMag Magazine, articles, blogs, video, podcast, TV, and brand partnerships.


At all times, ambassadors must be a great representation of the BuiltForBattle brand and uphold our mission and values, which are rooted in a warrior mindset.

Ambassadors will create and share authentic, BuiltForBattle-related social media content on a regular basis. The BuiltForBattle leadership team will work with the ambassador to determine the proper content and message for her/his platform(s). From time-to-time, BuiltForBattle will ask the ambassador to share content created by BuiltForBattle for special announcements, promotions, events and product releases.

Ambassadors must have at least 3-4 public social media profiles. Applicant is required to acknowledge BuiltForBattle as a sponsor in their bios once the application process has been completed.


  • Ambassadors will receive exclusive discounts on BuiltForBattle apparel & accessories.
  • Ambassadors will receive FREE access to all BuiltForBattle sponsored events.
  • Ambassadors’ content and accomplishments will be regularly featured on all BuiltForBattle platforms.
  • During special promotions, Ambassadors will receive a personalized ID number to share with their communities and social media followers. Ambassadors can earn revenue and bonuses for sales associated with their personalized ID.

Application Process

First, you MUST tag @iambuiltforbattle on Instagram in at least three new posts that show our leadership team insight into your story. We're looking for stories of Redemption, Hope, Inspiration, and Encouragement. Use the hashtags #iambuiltforbattle, #iwasbuiltforthis and #iamB4B in your posts.

Second, Complete and submit the application below.

BuiltForBattle - Ambassador Program - Application

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